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Purchase Agreement

Please read through our Purchase Agreement along with our RtF Return Policy prior to submitting any form of Payment.

Replenish the Flemish Sales Policy:

          We are primarily a closed rabbitry with few exceptions, We are happy to meet at a predetermined destination for pick ups. But for the safety of our family and animals we limit the exposure to outside germs.

          Prices entirely depend on Breed, Gender, Age. Our Flemish Giants typically range between $150-$250.

          All of our Animals are pure and pedigreed, but from here on out we will not be providing Pedigrees to pet homes, only show homes.

          You must be 18 years of age to purchase from our Rabbitry. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have your parents permission to purchase a rabbit.

          We reserve the right to refuse a sale to ANYONE, for ANY reason at ANY time.

If we cancel a sale, your deposit will be refunded.

Reserving A Bunny:

         Rabbits are sold on a first come first serve basis, No rabbits are held without a deposit. In order to hold a rabbit you must put down a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit. We must receive your deposit through Paypal, check or money order within 5 days or we can not hold the rabbit. If paying by check the check must clear before the bunny leaves the farm.

•Spoken for means no deposit yet.

•Reserved means deposit received and that bunny will not be sold to anyone else

          If anything should happen to the rabbit you placed a hold on, while still in our care within the 12 weeks we will give you a 100% refund or a replacement of the same value.

          We understand that things can happen and circumstances can change. In this situation you can decide to transfer your deposit to a rabbit at a later date (Maximum of 1 calendar year) otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.

      Our Fee Schedule!
-50$ Waitlist Fee (This places each buyer in order for picking. Placed as soon as buyer are serious about there decision.)
- 50% Deposit (This is placed between 6 & 8 weeks, Reserves a specific rabbit)
- Remaining amount due at/prior to pick up!

Going home:

          Depending on breed, babies stay with us until 8-12 weeks. No rabbit will leave here prior to 8 weeks. NO exceptions.

          If you have a balance on your bunny on pick up day it will need to be paid in cash.

          We DO NOT supply carriers or crates for you to bring your rabbit home in and will not allow rabbits to leave here on laps or in the bed of trucks. Please bring appropriate carriers and have room INSIDE the vehicle for the travel home.

          If the bunny has not been picked up by the date arranged and we cannot reach you with 48 hours of that date and you have not attempted to contact us the deposit will be forfeited and the bunny will be placed back up for sale.

          We are not responsible for any bunny once they have left our farm. They will leave our premises healthy, happy and loved and we’d like them to stay that way. If your bunny becomes sick after bringing it home please feel free to reach out to us as we may have some insight as to what may be going on but know it's your responsibility to take it to the vet if it needs care.

          We do not guarantee gender or color. To the best of our ability we will decide on both gender and color at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and again before leaving our Rabbitry. If the color changes as the bunny gets older or a mistake was made on gender, we apologize but we do both to the best of our abilities.

Things to know before your bunny goes home:

          Remember the bigger the rabbit, the bigger the space needed! Depending on whether you are keeping them outside or inside gives you different options! If you are considering outdoor options make sure they have an adequate space with a proper roof and remember to keep them out of Direct sunlight, Provide wind barriers for them doing the winter months, and ensure it is predator proof. Avoid Cedar shavings as they become toxic once mixed with urine, we prefer pine! You will need to provide fresh Hay and water daily along with a pelleted feed of at least 16% protein.

What happens if I can no longer take care of my RtF Rabbit?:

          We here at Replenish the Flemish take pride in each and every baby/rabbit we place! We spend the first 8-12 weeks of their life, loving and bonding with each one, learning their personalities and enjoy watching them grow! We carefully select homes for each and everyone one of them, whether it be show, pet or therapy homes! With that being said, we completely understand that sometimes things happen. If for ANY reason you are unable to care for your RtF rabbit any longer than we Require that you contact us back here and we can arrange to have your bunny come here. We then can take the necessary steps to finding them another home! Please, under no circumstances try to “release” or rehome your rabbit without contacting us first!

Please do your homework ahead of time, Both Flemish Giants and Rex’s have unique characteristics about them that make them unique and require special care when owning them. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have we previously chatted and you feel ready to add a RtF rabbit to your family or herd? Please make sure you have read thoroughly through the above information, and have discussed with us prior to

Submitting payment!

We accept PayPal, Cash or Check! If PayPal is your preferred method feel free to use the button to the right!
If you prefer Cash or Check,
Make sure to discuss with us!

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